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Simple online trading strategy

This simple profitable online trading strategy is good for beginners and you can use it for free. I practice it on NASDAQ emini (NQ), but it works on many other markets and timeframes. Timeframe is 3 min. Used indicators: 1)Exponencial Moving Average (EMA) period 200. This indicator defines trend. If the price closes over the […]

Classic Business vs Online Trading

Classic Business – statistics confirm that 80% of all business projects collapses, or ends in the 3-5 years since its inception! Only 20% have a chance, they are all around us. The stable operating companies then have only 20% chance of being consistently profitable … Ie. only 5% of the original number has a chance […]

Types of trading charts

Line chart This type of graph is the simplest type, which in finance and trading is used. As you can see in the picture, it is a single past data that is associated line. Mostly used closing date, a price that occurred at the end of the selected time period.

Technical analysis

Technical analysis is used to predict future price movements based on systematic research, analysis and evaluation of past and current data. It is used for all financial products, including securities , futures and interest rate products. Technical analysis uses data made the market such as price , volume, volatility , number of open contracts on […]

Online trading for beginners

For beginners, I can certainly recommend the following procedure. Refer to the information available for free from this site and other websites. You can take some seminars, courses, or consultations. Learn the business on demo account (ie Ninjatrader + Zenfire) with understanding aspects of trading, risk management, account management, knowledge of the differences between Demo […]

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