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How to choose online trading platform

prachy3In the previous article, we have learned what is online trading about, and how to get started. Now we will talk about another very important part of online trading that you will need in order to really succeed in the online trading market. It is a credible trading platform, software, which is able to mediate communication between you and the broker, which you enter your trade orders through. The online trading platform, or trading software is one of the most important piece of software you will use in the online trading. It is the communication channel between your broker and you and your gate to the online trading market. It gives you tons of important information and tools for managing your trades and your online trading account. Some trading platforms need to be installed on your computer whereas others are fully online. Most of trading platforms are free of charge, bud some brokers offer more advanced trading platforms with more functions for some fees. By some brokers, there is a bonus for active traders as a advanced functionality of trading software. Some of the most popular trading platforms are Meta Trader, Ninja Trader, Sierra Charts and Tradestation.


NinjaTrader is a free online trading software for market analytics, development of trading system, advanced charting and trade simulation. With smart tools, like SuperDOM with OCO and trailing stops, automated trading using NinjaScript, 100 prebuilt, fully customizable indicators and possibility of programming your own indicators, using NinjaTrader trading platform you will be able to analyze the markets and your new, smart trading ideas in a customizable and user-friendly interface that helps you trade better.

Sierra Chart

Sierra Chart is widely known for its open, stable, and fully customizable design, which supports all types of markets: stocks, futures, indexes, currencies/forex and options. Sierra Chart is very fast with a focus on high performance in all areas of the program with complete trading support, including automated trading which very easy to use. You can use ChartDOM, which is a functional Trading DOM fully integrated with charts. Sierra_Chart uses the FIX and GSP protocols for trading for the most reliable online trading without any troubles. Sierra Chart supports all types of markets: stocks, futures, indexes, currencies/forex and options.


TradeStation is one of the most known trading platform and trading software. TradeStation is used by many online financial brokerage services as a standard for fundamental and technical analysis of financial markets, and for online trading of stocks, futures, forex/currencies, indexes, options, spreads and others asset classes and is suitable for intermediate and advanced traders. Through its fully customizable trading tools, TradeStation is able to help you create custom trading strategies, back-test them against great historical database and automate the monitoring and execution of your strategies in real time.

What factors are important we need to really watch out and look for when we decide to choose online trading platform? Your favorite software should be intuitive and easy of use for you. You should download all possible candidates and try to learn how it works, try various indicators, various charts and options of this software and made some trades in demo-trading mode. Because choosing of theonline trading software is one of the most important thing in your online bussiness, make your decision carefully.

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