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How to Make Huge Money Online

prachy6Do you work, but you still need money, or you just want to earn more money for travel to exotic destinations or to buy better car? You have your opportunity on the internet! You just need a computer with an internet connectivity and a little portion of time. Making money from your home, not to have any boss, not to have wake up early morning and go to work, it is like a Holy Grail for everyone. There are many profitable opportunities on the net. You can sell on eBay and get rid of unnecessary things from your garage on the internet auction portals, you can sell your photos to photo banks, write your own blog and sell advertisements on it, Make a jewelry and accessories and sell it trough internet markets like All this and more others are great opportunities for everyone and you can easy made a few hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars every month with them. But if you want to make really huge load of money, there is another and better way. It is called ONLINE TRADING.

What exactly online trading is?

Online trading is great opportunity for everybody who has a computer with internet connection and some money to open a broker account. These options are available for common people and allow them to invest and to speculate on stock, options and commodity markets. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or genial mathematician to be able to trade on online markets. The online markets are easy accessible, but that doesn’t mean that can take online trading as a game. In this tutorial you’ll find informations about types of online trading accounts, how to choose good online broker, how to choose online trading platform, how to make trades and protect yourself from fraud.

How to begin with online trading?

At the first, you must decide, which type of trading you’ll choose. You can trade stocks, options, foreign currencies, (FOREX) or you can trade commodity futures. Online Futures trading is great investing opportunity for beginners. You could choose as a trading instrument traditional commodities as corn,gold or crude oil, or E-mini index funds, as Dow Jones, NASDAQ, DAX or S&P. With those trading instruments and your trading platform on your computer, you’ll be able to speculate about what a commodity will be worth at a specific time in the future and harvest huge profit. Now we’ll focus on the online commodity futures trading.

Leverage effect

Trading commodit futures using financial leverage is trading on credit. You’ll deposit a little of money, and then you’ll borrow more money. For example, a trade on the Metal futures market has one contract of 100 troy ounces of Gold value of $139,000 that means the minimum amount that you can trade is $139,000), but don’t have to pay so much for it, using leverage, you’ll be able to trade this contract with no more than $6,000. This amount of money is called margin. Leverage ratio is related to margin, and margin is the minimum deposit of money that you have to have available in yor trading account to be allowed to trade using financial leverage. But don’t forget: Trading with financial leverage is risky to your capital, and there is a possibility of lose more money than your initial investment was. You should ALWAYS use a StopLoss and don’t speculate with cash you can’t afford to lose.

How to choose an online trading brokerage

There are many broker houses on the market and most of all provide online trading. Some of the best are Interactive Brokers or Mirus Futures, who have fair commission fees, good trading platform for strategy analysis, charts, quotes, and order entries. Good commission fees are very important because you’ll have to add the cost of commision fee to every trade, win or lose, and it could be a deciding factor between your success or fail. Don’t be shy to ask your potential broker to everything you don’t know, and remember, you’ll risk your own money.

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