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Ninja Trader, an analytical software for market analysis

Ninja Trader is an analytical software for market analysis. It is offered for free for papertrading, backtesting of markets – the ideal tool for novice traders who need to touch the markets and do not want to invest in other software. With a 30 day demo account with Zen-Fire, Ninja Trader provides high quality up-to-time “tick” data and simulates the paper slips in performance and generally trying to bring live paper trading business. Ninja Trader is displaying price charts and indicators, you can be connected to various data providers. It has programming language Ninja Script (derived from C #), and brings the possibility of programming additional custom indicators.

You can record your trading sessions + Playback option. With NinjaTrader insatallation you are able to enter commands from the DOM or directly from the chart, it supports ATM – automatic strategies (to the input command is entered SL and PT command). It can be purchased for $ 995 life-time license that applies to all future versions, payment for life-time can be divided into 4 monthly installments for $ 299 (ie an increase of the total price of $ 200). There is also a free version for live trading, but that does not use ATM Strategies (some brokers give it to their clients). For live trading is possible leasing of Ninja Trader (180 $ per 3 months, then $ 60 per month). With free version, you have access to demo account with Zen-Fire. Demo is limited to 30 days. After 6 months you can apply for another demo (again, 30 days), when you first register your Zen-Fire notes your IP and MAC address (valid from November 2009) therefore you can not register a second time from the same computer (although to a different email address) and you rely on your broker.

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