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Online trading and risk

Online trading is a business and as such poses a risk of losing money. In any kind of business you can’t expect to gain profit without a risk. If you do not take risks, have the money deposited in the bank and do not make business. We argue and we will see that online trading […]

Basics of online trading

Buy low, sell high. It makes all businessmen. This is the credo of business. The online market traders are doing the same. You buy low, sell high (long trade) or, conversely, sell high, buy low (short-trade). Ie. You can always sell when prices rise to the top and buy when prices fall to the low. […]

Ninja Trader, an analytical software for market analysis

Ninja Trader is an analytical software for market analysis. It is offered for free for papertrading, backtesting of markets – the ideal tool for novice traders who need to touch the markets and do not want to invest in other software. With a 30 day demo account with Zen-Fire, Ninja Trader provides high quality up-to-time […]

Trading on the Stock Exchange and Online Investing

Trading on the Stock Exchange and Online Investing. Online Trading on Stock Exchange is investing in the classic sense. You invest your money into the business, whose essence is the buying and selling selected assets (stocks, commodities, currencies) of your choice, without you physically have in stock or having to possess. There are many trading […]

Why trade online?

Why trade online? With trading on the stock, commodity indexes and foreign currencies exchange, you can lower the investment and clearly defined to achieve high yields and profits, manage and control your risks in your speculation in ways that are not achievable in the classic business! Online trading is an interesting way of doing business, […]

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